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Upon payment for any items on this document, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth
herein, you are agreeing to keep Legacy on the Bricks staff updated on any changes or additions to your
You are agreeing, and understand that these terms and conditions may be revised at any time to best
suite the clients outcome and protection; and pricing, other than the venue rental, may change.
Understand that Legacy on the Bricks is requesting all contact information for your vendors,
coordinators, planners, etc.

1. EVENT:  The undersigned Rental Party agrees to rent Legacy on the Bricks , located at 16 W 21st Street,
Kearney, NE on the date/dates and times stated.

2. PAYMENT: A 50% nonrefundable payment is due at the time of booking, unless the event is within 60
days, which then requires payment in full. Full payment entitles use of buildings and grounds, during
times agreed upon. Other than Weddings, any remaining charges, payments or additions will be due 30
days prior to the event unless otherwise agreed upon, in which charges will be due and payable at the
end of the event via a credit card payment. Checks, Credit Card, or online payments are accepted.
Please make checks payable to Legacy on the Bricks. Online payments will be charged a convenience fee.
Wedding Payment Breakdown Payment ONE: due upon booking your event. (50% of the Rental Fee)
Payment TWO will be due 1 month prior to your event.

3. CANCELLATION AND POSTPONEMENT POLICY: If event is cancelled, the Down Payment is non
refundable. If the event is cancelled, within 60 days of the booked date, any payments made are non
refundable. Clients may postpone an event without penalty one (1) time. If the event is being
postponed, the down payment or any other payments made prior to postponing can be applied to the
future date. The original booked event will be classified as closed, and the new event date will be
booked and invoiced as a new event and charged the most recent rental rates, contracts, rules and policies. If the event is
postponed within 60 days of the booked date, then the rental fee is the only payment that can be applied
to a future date, all other invoiced line items are non refundable. Any additional postponements (2 or more) forfeit their deposits in order to rebook for a new date under the current rates, contracts, rules and policies.

4. DAMAGE DEPOSIT: Any damages to the property space or public areas resulting from any function or group on property will be the financial responsibility of the Rental Party payable by check or credit card(on file). An itemized list will be provided before any charges will occur.

5. FOOD & CATERER: Legacy on the Bricks has basic food prep area. No stove is available, however you are welcome to use the microwave. The Rental Party will be responsible for arranging all food served. Absolutely no frying of any foods on the property. Propane Fryers or any Fryer type appliance is not allowed. Grills are allowed on the property, in a designated area, determined before the event.

6. SET UP: Set up and clean up must occur during times outlined in the invoice. Events/music must end by 11:30pm to ensure clean up and shut down by 12:30am. Alcohol will not be served after 11:30pm.

7. SLIDESHOWS OR PHOTOS: If you would like a slide show or any photos to be displayed on the TV's or projector screen you must bring a copy for us to test, 7 days prior to your event, failing to test your show 7 days prior will forfeit the availability to have the equipment.

8. SECURITY: Legacy on the Bricks may require that the Rental Party arrange and pay for bonded security personnel when valuable material, occupancy count is above 200, or certain functions are being held on property. Legacy on the Bricks cannot be responsible for material left unattended on the property. All personal property is the sole risk of the Rental Party.

9. TABLES, CHAIRS, LINENS, CLEAN UP: Legacy on the Bricks rental includes chairs, tables and linens for.  After the event, the premise is to be in the same condition as before the event, unless paying an extra Cleaning fee.  Events/Music/Bar will end by 11:30 pm to ensure everyone is out by 12:30. Cleanup does not have to begin at that time, but the event must end.

  • Remove all decorations, personal belongings, dispose of food or plates/utensils

  • Take out all trash (dumpster is located on the East side of the building)

  • Break down rented equipment and stack for pick up by rental company

  • Sweep & vacuum the floors with the mop and vacuum provided.

10. DECORATING: You will be allowed to bring in additional decorations with the prior approval of Legacy on the Bricks. Table decorations, such as flowers and place settings are generally acceptable; however, there shall be no tape, tacks, glue, paint, confetti or the like. There shall also be nothing that will damage the floor, walls, or tables, or ceiling. All damages will be charged to the renter. Legacy on the Bricks does not allow confetti type décor, confetti, rice, birdseed, streamers, glitter, or party poppers. Of any of the aforementioned items are discovered, the full cleaning fee will be charged plus $100.

  • Please ask before using additional lighting such as string lights or Christmas Lights. 

  • Decorations that are to be fastened in any manner to walls or ceilings, need approval. 

  • Nails and staples are NOT permitted.

11. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Consumption of alcohol by minors is unlawful and not permitted. Valid identification may be requested of any person who appears to be underage during your event. All guests must have a valid ID if they plan to consume alcoholic beverages. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages of any kind can be brought onto the premises, included inside the fenced parking lot. The use, consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages are strictly regulated, and the Rental Party shall make separate arrangements with the exclusive provider of said beverages to Legacy on the Bricks. Any violation of this provision will subject the Rental Party to liability for any and all damages, causes of action, fines, costs, expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) incurred by Legacy on the Bricks as a result of any violation of this provision. If it is to be found that alcoholic beverages are brought onto the property, consumed outside of designated areas or underage consumption has occurred; there will be an automatic $1000.00 fine charged to the card held on file.

12. CONDUCT: The Rental Party agrees and hereby provides assurance to Legacy on the Bricks that the event will be conducted in an orderly manner in full compliance with any and all applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations. The Rental Party assumes full and complete responsibility for the conduct of all guest and persons in attendance at the Event, including during Event set up and take down. This includes the responsibility for any and all damages, loss, or liability. It is also specifically understood and agreed, that Legacy on the Bricks reserves the right to refuse patronage or service to any guest or person if they fail to comply with the provision or with the reasonable requests of Legacy on the Bricks and reserves the right to control all sound levels and actions of any group on property and may interrupt and/or discontinue any function disturbing or creating a safety hazard to other guests or themselves. All local, state and federal laws will be strictly enforced.

13. SMOKING PROHIBITED: Smoking of any kind is prohibited inside the premises. This includes Vaping. If rental party or guest is found to be smoking in any of the indoor locations, an automatic $1000 fine will be charged to the card on file.

14. UNLAWFUL USE: Agree to not commit or permit any act to be performed on the premises which will be in violation of any statute, regulation, or ordinance of any governmental body and shall not permit the use and/or storage of any hazardous, toxic, explosive, or flammable substances on the premises at any time during the Event. Including candles, flames, liquids, fireworks etc. Understands there is no ability to sublet or assign this to anyone other than the Rental Party.

15. IMPOSSIBILITY: Legacy on the Bricks shall not provide refunds or be liable for failure to carry out the Event due an act of God, or other condition beyond its control, Government regulations, terrorist acts, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, and curtailment of transportation or other emergencies making it illegal, commercially impractical, or commercially impossible to provide the facilities for the event or conduct the meeting. In the event of fire, electrical failure, or an insurable event, Legacy on the Bricks may provide a refund if the event cannot be rescheduled or moved to another associated venue.

16. LEGAL: The space being rented is based on Legacy on the Brick’s understanding of the needs at the time this agreement is issued. Should your needs change please contact Legacy on the Bricks as additions to services and or changes in times may be subject to additional charges or fees. The space is assigned to accommodate up to 450 persons. Should your attendance change, and be above 450 people, Legacy on the Bricks reserves the right to change the pricing; notification prior to the event is required or additional charges will be applied to the final payment. Should there be a change in condition such as, management, or a change in condition of the physical property, the group may reserve the right to cancel with liabilities due. Each party (the “Indemnifying Party”) shall, at its own expense, defend, hold harmless and indemnify the other party (the “Indemnified Party”) and the Indemnified Party’s subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, members, independent contractors and agents (provided they are acting in the course of their duties with respect to the foregoing) from and against any claims, damages (including consequential and punitive damages), judgments, awards, settlements, costs and expenses including reasonable fees and expenses of counsel, resulting from third party claims arising, directly or indirectly, out of the Indemnifying Party’s performance under this Agreement or breach or alleged breach of any agreement, obligation, representation, or warranty under this Agreement, except to the extent caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of the Indemnified Party. Nothing in this agreement shall be interpreted as creating a partnership, joint venture, or relationship of principal and agent between parties. The Rental Party agrees not to commit or permit any act to be performed on the premises or any omission to occur which will increase the insurance rate on the premises or which will be in violation of any insurance policy.

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